Virtual teams are fantastic and highly beneficial. The coordination and freedom that comes with these teams are unmatched. Having a virtual staff with members from different countries or states gives a lot of talent exposure. However, with talented people comes the need for gifted leaders. Virtual setup can quickly go down an undisciplined path if the supervisors are not responsible and strict. Managing a virtual team requires a balance of stern and chill attitude. It requires more caution and understanding than leading an in-office squad. So, do you wonder what it takes to run a small and productive virtual environment within your company? Let us look at some tips for optimally managing your virtual team.

Ten ways of managing a successful virtual team

  • Keep track of attendance, work hours and productivity
    Keeping an attendance record is essential to bring in the sense of professionalism among the tea members. Without a system of checking-in to work daily, employees may stop being present every day. Their motivation reduces, and they start taking the job for granted.
    Along with attendance, proper record of work hours invested by each employee should be maintained. It will help you in providing appropriate pay and compare their performances with every employee based on productivity per hour. Accountability and rewards are great productivity enhancers.
  • Control the flexible work hours
    Providing flexible working hours are crucial if you want to have satisfied virtual taskforce. Employees working on the collaboration platform at different time help in the regular flow of work and reduced load on the servers. So you should not wholly eliminate flexible work hour policy. However, there are no fully flexible organizations making it big in the markets. For example, you need to put certain restrictions or guidelines defining minimum work hours to finish every week. The members will get the message, and they will stay disciplined.
  • Do regular reviews to check up on your team
    Coping up with virtual work environment takes some time. Employees may feel uneasy or confused in the beginning. Exceptional leadership skills are essential to bringing them together, and regular check-ups are even more critical. You can perform quarterly reviews or feedback sessions where employees are observed and made more confident and comfortable working in a virtual team.
  • Prepare communication channels
    The one disadvantage of virtual teams is lack of communication. The employees and the boss do not meet up daily. They do not bump into each other in offices. It is all virtual. So, to maintain a happy and exciting work life, you need to set up more than one communication channels. It will also increase productivity as the work-related communication will get smoother too. Have a conferencing app on the disposal all the time. You should also set up informal communication channels for lightning up the workload.
  • Foster and promote communication
    Setting up channels are not enough. You need to build up a culture where everyone communicates freely and in the right manner. As a leader, take the lead and start efficient communication practices from your side. You should begin to video conferencing your subordinates to give instructions, do regular check-ins through chat, and provide daily updates to employees. On seeing your healthy communication habits, virtual employees will be motivated to follow them too. They will start communicating professionally in no time.
  • Choose your tools smartly
    Managing a virtual team requires a lot of online tools for collaboration and communication. All the activities are done through software or web services. From Project management to workflow automation, all require software support. As a manager, you need to choose the most beneficial services for your virtual workplace. The tools should be available at a low cost but deliver excellent performance. Enroll for trials of software you choose and then make the decision.
  • Delegate work with confidence
    In a virtual team, you may often feel reluctant in giving important work to team members. There can be an issue of trust which needs to be eliminated. As a leader, if you want trust, then you have to give trust even if this involves risking the deadline. Delegating essential responsibilities will make your subordinates satisfied and happy. There are chances that they complete the work better than you with their expertise. Every employee has their own set of skills, so delegate work according to that and watch your productivity go up.
  • Make good relationships
    Nurturing relationships with your virtual team members is essential for a coordinated work environment. While managing a virtual team, you need to start with this practice yourself. Enjoy the company of your subordinates and show them their importance. Making good relationships means giving the members a sense of belonging and satisfaction. Belongingness is the most significant contributor to loyalty towards the company. The commitment of employees is highly crucial in virtual teams, so work culture needs to be more nurturing and friendly than the in-office environment.
  • Be patient with the work
    You will not be close to the employees, which will create a supervision gap. It means that work completion may take longer time in a virtual workplace. And it is a natural thing because communication is not as fast as the in-office system. Being the manager of the team, you should be realistic and understand this situation. Be patient with the work and chances are that your employees produce a stellar quality of results.
  • Pay them appropriately
    Many virtual employees can settle for less pay because of the freedom of working from home they receive. But this does not mean you should pay meager salaries to employees. Monetary rewards are a major motivational factor. When an employee is paid adequately, he or she will feel satisfied and show devotion to the company.
  • Get the right people in your team
    As a manager, you should have the skills to lead your squad. But it is equally vital to enroll the right employees to your organization. Since we are talking about a virtual team, the talent pool is vast for choosing. You can choose from anywhere around the globe. It also increases the confusion of who to choose and where to start looking. You can refer to your business contacts for getting recommendations or head on to employee providing services like Cubinox.

What is Cubinox?

Cubinox is a unique service built specifically for virtual team managers. We provide highly skilled employees to you for your virtual team formation. What is so unique about us? We handle all the screening and interview process. Cubinox calls for applications from all over the world, conduct examinations for the applicants, hold personal interviews, skill-specific tests, and another interview. After this thorough screening process, we recommend only the top, the cream of the crop candidates to our business clients. Our list of satisfied clients includes prestigious companies like Hazox Inc.

How can Cubinox help you?

We are a business entity ourselves and know the importance of having competitive and skilled people in the organization. We currently provide service to over 12 industry fields. The candidates recommended are tested differently for separate industries. Cubinox goes beyond recommending employees. We are your HR department. We run tests, prepare the employees for your industry, and keep a complete record of your virtual team members. Cubinox delivers the time and focusing power that manager needs in supervising their virtual team. When you receive already examined and highly tested employees from us, half the management work is done. Managers can then focus on the core activities of virtual teams.

With the advancements in virtual culture, we truly believe that it will primarily take over the in-office staffing in the future. Virtual teams are the exact change industries needed for increasing productivity and reduce costs. We, at Cubinox, are happy to promote such a crucial revolution of the industry.