How we work

Cubinox is simple 

Cubinox is the answer if you're looking for the best talent from around the world to grow your organization. At the same time, bright talent from around the world wishes to get employed in order to utilize their talent and provide a helping hand at a given opportunity. This is where Cubinox completes the picture and shakes hand with both of them.

If you are looking to FIND WORK-

Since the crowdsourcing marketplace is quite competitive, Cubinox focuses on quality and helps to filter the best talent. If you are excited and keen to offer your services, please feel free to register as per the below mentioned steps-

  1. Application Form

Please fill the application form by clicking on the below click

Application Form

  1. Aptitude Test

Post completing the Application form, you will be asked to appear for an Aptitude Test. This will check your quantitative skills and basic mental ability.

  1. Internal Interview

Once the test is completed, you will have an interview with the Cubinox team. This will help us to know you a little better and we will look out for a perfect fit for you.

In case you clear the above criteria, you would be a registered candidate.

  1. Skill specific test

Once registered, the Cubinox team will get in touch with you to conduct an in-depth skillset review. You would be tested for technical knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

  1.  External Interview

The last step involves your meeting with the client.

  1. Welcome Aboard

If all goes well and the client is looking to hire you, we would offer you the position as a contractor on Cubinox. In case you are happy to go ahead with the opportunity, you are welcome to be a part of Cubinox. Cheers!